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Bill Gates on Carbon Footprint Criticism: Yes, I’m a Strange Person to Be Talking About Climate Change

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Tuesday addressed the criticism he has received for speaking out on climate change while also producing a large carbon footprint with the use of flying in private jets.

Gates said during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that such criticism is “totally fair.” He acknowledged that he has a “large carbon footprint,” so he is a “strange person” to be talking about it, but he pointed out he has been buying “green aviation fuel” and paying for “direct air capture” to help reduce his footprint.

Host Joe Scarborough asked, “Let’s check off a few boxes here of commonly-heard criticisms that I’m you have gotten, and you will get. Let’s go from the right first. They’ll say, ‘Wait, Bill Gates — that guy has got the biggest carbon footprint … west of the Mississippi. Who is he to preach to us about climate change?’ What do you say to them?”

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“Oh, it’s totally fair,” Gates replied. “I, you know, have a large carbon footprint. I’m paying for innovative technologies that are expensive today… I’m buying green aviation fuel that reduces the extra cost. I’m paying for direct air capture and a lot of things. So, yes, I’m a strange person to be talking about it.”

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