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Brad Pitt Granted Joint Custody of Children as Angelina Jolie Challenges Tentative Ruling – E! NEWS

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Close to five years after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, the couple’s custody battle has taken a turn.

Judge John Ouderkirk, who previously officiated the couple’s wedding in August 2014, ruled that the existing custody order must be modified per Brad’s request. The actor now has joint custody, allowing him more time with his children.

“Brad is extremely happy, he’s over the moon,” a source close to Brad shared with E! News. “All he wanted to do was see his kids. For him, it’s the most positive results.”

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The source continued, “Brad has always been seeking the opportunity to have more time with his children and prioritized their well being. The judge ruled in Brad’s favor and significantly modified the customary order to significantly increase his time with the kids.”

The judge’s decision was made after testimony was heard from people who spent time with the kids and by professional evaluators and therapists. 

According to a second insider close to the situation, who spoke with NBC News, the ruling is a “tentative decision.” In fact, Angelina has no plans of stopping her legal fight.

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