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Britney Spears Asked Her Dad To Resign As Her Conservator In A New Court Filing – BuzzFeed News

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Britney Spears’ attorney filed a petition on Tuesday requesting that the pop star’s father, Jamie Spears, be removed as her conservator.

In the recent court filing, obtained by Variety and other news outlets, Spears requests that Jodi Montgomery permanently take over the role as conservator. Montgomery has been acting as Spears’ temporary conservator since Jamie Spears stepped away in September 2019 citing health reasons.

Jamie Spears has acted as conservator since 2008, but the pop star’s lawyer, Samuel Ingham, first filed to have him removed from the conservatorship last year.

Ingham didn’t immediately return BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

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If the petition is approved by a Los Angeles court, Montgomery will gain the authority to communicate with Spears’ doctors, limit her visitors with the exception of her lawyer, and be able to retain caretakers and security guards.

In February, the New York Times released Framing Britney Spears, a documentary that aired on FX/Hulu that inspired even more public interest in Spears’ conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement.

The pop singer also tweeted and shared a message on Instagram when the documentary was released, saying, “Each person has their story and their take on other people’s stories !!!! We all have so many different bright beautiful lives !!! Remember, no matter what we think we know about a person’s life it is nothing compared to the actual person living behind the lens!!!!”

According to Variety, the next court hearing regarding Spears’ conservatorship is set for April 27.

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