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Chattanooga Mayoral Candidate Tim Kelly Mocks Death of Rush Limbaugh

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, mayoral candidate Tim Kelly mocked the death of radio host and conservative pioneer Rush Limbaugh. The mayoral candidate apologized after being called out.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Kelly suggested that he “took great pleasure” in hearing the news that Limbaugh lost his year-long battle with lung cancer on Wednesday.

The Chattanooga mayoral candidate commented on a Facebook post by a Chattanooga resident, sharing an image that featured a quote commonly misattributed to Mark Twain, which read, “I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

Before Kelly deleted the post, the Tennessee Conservative news outlet took a screenshot of the image and posted it to their website.

The mayoral candidate has since apologized for his post, stating that he regrets “that this caused a distraction from the important issues facing Chattanoogans,” according to a report by News Channel 9 – Chattanooga.

“I recently shared a quote in a social media thread which I quickly deleted,” said Kelly. “Weighing in on that day was insensitive, and I should not have done it. I believe the best way to handle a mistake is to first own up to it and then do better in the future.” He added:

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Our city and country would be a better place if more people took responsibility, and committed to doing better in the future. As your next mayor, I’m committed to bringing Chattanooga together.

I regret that this caused a distraction from the important issues facing Chattanoogans. My priorities will always be on doing what is best for the city I love so much and nothing will take my focus away from this. From public safety to education, I’m committed to making sure those issues remain the focus of the days ahead.”

As the father of two, I always shared with them the importance of owning a situation where a mistake has been made. I take full ownership of this mistake and my hope is that you have seen through this instance that you can always count on me to level with you in everything I do.

Kelly — whose party affiliation remains unconfirmed, as mayoral candidates do not have them listed — is not the only individual to spread vitriol and hate in reaction to Limbaugh’s death, acting as a divisive force in an increasingly polarized nation.

On Wednesday, following the news of the conservative pioneer’s death, left-wing Hollywood celebrities wasted no time taking to Twitter to pile on with nasty comments, ignoring any sense of decorum, “unity,” or “healing.” Actor Ron Perlman also chimed in, declaring that Limbaugh will spend the rest of eternity with the devil.

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