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CNN’s Stelter: Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy Will Always Symbolize Division

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CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter ran an obituary montage for the late conservatives talker Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday that highlighted controversies in the radio host’s life.

Stelter introduced the obituary by saying, “A pioneer of conservative media and a deeply polarizing figure, Rush Limbaugh became the most prominent political radio host in modern American history.”

After showing Rush’s struggling with pain killer addiction and highlighting his short NFL announcing job among other controversies, Stelter said, “A conservative media icon whose legacy will always symbolize division.”

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He added, “The home page of now proclaims, ‘In loving memory of Rush, the greatest of all time.’ And that is very much how he will be remembered in right-wing media and by millions of fans who listened to him every day. In the obituary, we’re talking about the many controversies and scandals in his career, many others we left out. But you think about the daily relationship he had with listeners, and that is really what Rush Limbaugh was about, that daily relationship talking to people who were driving in their cars, turning on the radio at noon Eastern Time every day in their homes wanting to hear from him every afternoon. The content was very polarizing. I would argue oftentimes, it was all about grievance culture-making conservatives out to be the victims. Yet, he had an incredible connection to his fan base with those daily themes day in, day out. It’s that kind of connection that made him the most prominent broadcaster in right-wing radio for decades.”

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