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Cramers lightning round: Buy more Wells Fargo – CNBC

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Lumen Technologies: “Lumen Technologies reported about 10 minutes ago, so I do not have what’s going on in the conference call, so, therefore, I have to defer and can’t opine on it.”

Fastly: “We left Fastly, felt that there were too many issues … Tonight, they lost their CFO and they did not have a good quarter. I can’t recommend it. I think there’ll be even more downgrades tomorrow.”

Wells Fargo: “Buy more … That’s the cheapest bank. It’s going to be the best bank. I have faith in [CEO Charlie] Scharf”

Medpace: “I think it’s good … It’s a good spec, it’s actually a little better than a spec. I think you’re going to be fine.”

Morgan Stanley: “I think Morgan Stanley is terrific. I regret that my charitable trust does not own this stock.”

Triton International: “They have all the containers. Why is that stock not up a lot? I’ve got to look into that.”

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Cerence: “I’ll do more work on it … It just doesn’t have anything I’m really interested in.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Wells Fargo.


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