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Cramers lightning round: The right time to buy Zynga – CNBC

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Rada Electronic: “A highly valued Israeli weapons company and I shoot back and say Raytheon Technologies, a less expensive one with a lot of diversification and better growth power.”

Vontier: “Good business.”

Zynga: “It’s finally the right time to buy Zynga. Your wife’s right. I think you should pick up some Zynga. I can’t believe I just said that myself, but it’s absolutely true. I think that that is a decent situation.”

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Hyatt Hotels: “It’s OK. It’s not great, and I’m not sure I want Marriott anymore … because I thought that [CEO Brian] Chesky did such a good job on the Airbnb call and you know what the only weak point was international, and the international’s going to come back when the rest of the world settles this Covid situation. So I am telling you right here right now that I think that you should buy Airbnb.”

Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp: “I think that stock at $10 is a buy, buy, buy.”

Boot Barn: “I have taught endlessly that Boot Barn is in an underpenetrated market.”

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