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Cramers lightning round: You have a chance to buy Shopify – CNBC

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Shopify: “I think that you just got a chance to buy this stock down 23% from its high and that’s just what you want because this company is shooting the lights out.”

Fisker: “I like Fisker and I like Lucid, which is [merging with] Churchill IV. Now, I know these stocks have been hammered, but here’s the thing that you need to know: they’re probably going to be the two winners out of this whole crop, and this whole crop is going to end up getting a subsidy in Washington.”

Callaway Golf: “I really like that stock.”

Juniper Networks: “I think their suite of products is better than it was. Remember, they are up against a lot of good companies, that’s the problem. And if you know which I like … it will be Cisco because I think that [CEO] Chuck Robbin is doing a great job.”

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Kroger: “I thought that [CEO] Rodney [McMullen] did a great job on investment day. … I like the stock, even as I find the supermarkets a questionable, questionable investment.” “I think their product has great value.”

Petco Health: “I think that Petco is a better stock than that chart certainly indicates. The problem with Petco, frankly, is Chewy … [which has] more mojo.”

Royal Dutch Shell: “I don’t really want you in that, but what I would like you in, by the way, is Pioneer.”

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