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Dalian Atkinson trial: ‘Frightened’ officer told his Pc girlfriend to run away from ex-footballer as he threatened to ‘take you to the gates of hell’ – live updates – The Telegraph

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We now move on to Pc Bettley-Smith’s version of events, per her interview under caution on Aug 26, 2016. 

Ms Healy, talking the jury through the female officer’s account, said: “Pc Bettley-Smith gave a broadly similar account of the events. She described Dalian Atkinson being a ‘massive figure’ and speaking of being the Messiah. 

“Mr Atkinson seemed to her to be ready to fight. When the first deployment of the Taser was ineffective, Pc Monk had said run and she had done so. 

“She deployed the emergency button on her radio, which the independent evidence shows to have occurred at 1.37am. 

“Pc Bettley-Smith went on to describe how Mr Atkinson stopped running, and then turned back towards the house. She said Pc Monk deployed the Taser again, but once more it was ineffective and Dalian Atkinson punched through the glass at the entrance to his father’s home.”

Ms Healy pointed out this was different to the recollection of Pc Monk. 

The prosecutor continued: “She thought that she was in real danger. A message from control indicated that a firearms car was six minutes away.” 

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Ms Healy accepted that this moment would have been frightening for both officers. 

Pc Bettley-Smith gave a broadly similar account to her partner regarding the third Taser deployment, the court heard. 

She said that having fallen to the ground, Atkinson had try to turn over and pull the Taser wires from his chest and was “shouting and swearing”.

The officer maintained that she hit the former footballer in the legs with her baton – who she did not know – because he was trying to get up. 

Then Pc Monk kicked him. 

Ms Healy told the court: “She said that she had seen only one kick by Pc Monk, which landed upwards of his shoulder.”

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