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Dax Shepard Explained How He Discussed His Relapse With His Young Daughters And Why He Was “Really Scared” To Speak About It Publicly – BuzzFeed News

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Dax explained he had begun taking opioids as pain relief following an ATV accident, but that he ended up “augmenting” the amount he was taking, and ultimately began buying the pills himself.

“I’m allowed to be on them at some dosage, because I have a prescription,” Dax said at the time. “And then I’m also augmenting that. And then all the prescriptions run out, and I’m now just taking 30-mil Oxys that I’ve bought whenever I decide I can.”

“I’m lying to other people, and I know I have to quit,” he went on. “But my tolerance is going up so quickly that I’m now in a situation where I’m taking, you know, eight 30s a day.”

During an Ellen Show interview in January this year, Dax said he had reservations surrounding speaking publicly about his relapse.

“I get so much esteem out of being someone who’s vocally sober, and I have people who write me saying, ‘I’m on month one,’ or ‘I’m week two,’ and I love that,” Dax told Ellen. “It’s my favorite thing about being in public. I was terrified I would lose that.”

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But, he said, a friend had made him realize how much value his voice could have.

“I have a good friend that said, ‘If your real goal is to help people, it’s not very helpful that you’re 16 years sober and married to Kristen Bell. That doesn’t help people. In fact, that probably makes their life worse,'” Dax explained.

“I just get that that’s the actual value — that’s the thing I can do that’s helpful,” he added. “And when it was framed that way to me, it got a lot easier.”

“Today at least, I feel better with 6 months than I had felt at 15 years,” he said.

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