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Dem Rep. Phillips: I Link Antisemitism to the Condemnation of Israel Rather Than Its Leaders – Want Progressives to Denounce Hate Clearly

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On Friday’s “MSNBC Live,” Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) discussed his call for progressives to clearly denounce antisemitism and stated that “I link antisemitism to the condemnation of Israel rather than its leaders.”

Phillips said, “I don’t have the platform that some of my progressive colleagues do on social media, and I’m asking for some empathy, some compassion, and the recognition that this is real.”

He added, “I want to say this too, what I’m seeing on the right, Marjorie Taylor Greene talking about Nazis every other day, I saw the Confederate flags and the Hitler shirts in the United States Capitol on January 6 when we were attacked with the insurrection. We’ve got a crisis of compassion and empathy in our country. And I’m going to do everything that I can to bring attention to it and implore that my fellow countrymen and women do something.”

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He further stated, “[T]he Netanyahu government has plenty that I disagree with, in fact, quite distinctly, and that is absolutely fair game. But if you notice, a lot of people condemn leaders of other countries, Putin, Kim in North Korea, all around the world. Except, in Israel, it’s the country that is often condemned. That’s troublesome to me. And that’s where I link antisemitism to the condemnation of Israel rather than its leaders.”

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