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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul LIVE: Stream, latest updates and how to watch online – The Independent

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Mayweather vs. Paul Preview

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul go head to head in an exhibition fight tonight and you can follow all the latest updates from the spectacle in Miami below.

The YouTuber Paul is taking a major step up from his only previous experience in the ring against fellow social media star KSI, with whom he shared an amateur draw, before losing the tightly contested professional rematch via split decision. he may have the height, weight and reach advantage over Mayweather, as well as being 18 years younger than his illustrious opponent, but that is where the positives end for Paul. Mayweather is a former five-division world champion who retired in 2015 with a perfect 49-0 record before coming back to the ring in 2017 to beat UFC star Conor McGregor and clinch his 50th professional victory.

Mayweather does have experience of an exhibition fight like this one, crushing kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa inside one round, which suggests he will not be taking it easy against Paul – especially after their highly fractious press conference in the build-up to the fight when the YouTuber’s brother, Jake Paul, stole Mayweather’s hat, much to the ire of the boxing legend who fumed at the “disrespect”.

As this is not an official professional bout the duo will be wearing lightened 10oz gloves, but that is unlikely to spare Paul from Mayweather’s punishment. However, Paul insists it is a complacent Mayweather – who has said he doesn’t need to train seriously for the fight – who will be punished. “I think you’re going to see Floyd’s eyes light up, the first time I hit him,” said Paul. Mayweather responded: “There’s a difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing and elite fighters.”

Follow live coverage from Hard Rock Stadium tonight:


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Who’s the bigger entertainer? Logan Paul has 26 million subscribers on Youtube, Floyd Mayweather is perhaps the greatest boxer of his generation. Two vastly different journeys that collide in the ring tonight.

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:48


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Even the undercard for this one is pretty wild.

Up first sees Chad Johnson take on former MMA fighter Brian Maxwell. Johnson is a 43-year-old former American football wide receiver. He played in the NFL for 11 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins and now he’s taking up boxing.

Former unified super-welterweight champion Jarrett Hurd will then make his return to the ring by contesting a middleweight bout against veteran Luis Arias, who previously faced Daniel Jacobs.

The final undercard fight sees former two-weight world champion Badou Jack take on unbeaten Venezuelan Dervin Colina in a light-heavyweight showdown. Jack had been due to rematch Jean Pascal but he failed a drugs test in the build up.

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:43


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Promoter Eddie Hearn has insisted he had nothing to do with the deal which brought Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul to Sky Sports PPV.

Hearn told iFL TV: “You can’t blame me for that one, dreadful. Listen, people are gonna watch it, aren’t they?

“I did Logan Paul vs KSI, but it was a fight between two YouTubers who couldn’t really fight – now you’ve got a bloke who can’t fight against one of the greatest fighters of all time.

“I can’t go back on what I’ve already said about the fight because it’s now on PPV. I wasn’t involved with it, it’s got nothing to do with me, enjoy the show.”

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:35


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Mike Tyson has his say on tonight’s fight. No prizes for guessing which way he thinks it’s going to go:

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:30


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

You’ve got to give it to Logan Paul. He’s created enough noise and gained a following big enough to draw Floyd Mayweather into the ring. That’s a feat in itself. Plus he goes into the fight with no expectations, people are expecting him to lose in the first round.

Is there any way he can do a Rocky and go the distance? He thinks he can.

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:23

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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Tonight’s fight is an exhibition meaning the result won’t go down on the official record. Here’s a reminder of the rules:

No ringside judges scoring the contest,

No official winner but knockouts are legal,

KO up to referee’s discretion,

No headgear and 10oz gloves,

Eight three minute rounds,

Fighters to weigh no more than 190lbs.

The weight of the gloves has been fluctuating all week. Mayweather wanted 8oz gloves from the start and as soon as yesterday 12oz gloves were being used but it has finally been decided that 10oz would be the way to go. Logan Paul needs to be able to take a hit because 10oz gloves can still do a fair bit of damage.

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:18


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Everything you need to know about tonight’s fight as well as when Mayweather vs Paul is expected to get underway. It’s around 4am in the UK:

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:11


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather was asked whether taking this fight would hurt his boxing legacy, especially if he was to lose, but he says it doesn’t matter and that he prefers to have the money that this fight will bring in.

“I would [rather] have the currency than the legacy, my legacy is already engraved in stone.” said Mayweather “They say, ‘Mayweather’s doing exhibitions, it’s bad for boxing.’

“At the end of the day, my mother’s a millionaire, my dad’s a millionaire, my children are millionaires. My little [five-month-old] grandson is a multi-millionaire and he don’t even know it.”

Michael Jones7 June 2021 00:05


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

I genuinely cannot believe this fight is actually happening. Floyd Mayweather is a 50-0 professional boxer, one of the best of his generation and he’s being allowed to fight a Youtuber.

The reasons for both men are clear. This fight is set to generate a lot of cash for them but what will it do for the wider sport of boxing?

Does it make a mockery of the sport as some purists seem to think?

Will the 19.5 million instagram followers of Logan Paul continue following the sport and enable to grow after tonight’s fight?

Will boxing be put back on its pedestal if Mayweather proves how easy it is for a professional to beat a ‘regular’ guy?

Or will Logan Paul do the unthinkable and knock out Floyd Mayweather? If that happens what does that say about the sport of boxing?

All these questions are up in the air and will get answered to some degree later tonight.

Michael Jones6 June 2021 23:59


Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Rewatching Logan Paul’s rematch with KSI, what is noticeable is just how chaotic that bout was. It was a hard-fought contest but Paul was not having to deal with a boxer, just a man in boxing attire swinging wildly towards his head. In the end he should have probably been awarded the victory but for a points deduction for hitting KSI while he was down, yet the reality is this will be an entirely different proposition. This time Paul is fighting a world-class boxing machine, upon whom even some of world’s greatest fighters have struggled to lay a glove. Paul will find it difficult to make even one punch connect, and by the time his fist has reached Mayweather’s general vicinity there will be a fist quickly heading the other way that he has no time to spot, let alone avoid.

Lawrence Ostlere6 June 2021 23:55

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