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Is It Worth Switching From a Mouse to a Pen?

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I’ve been a mouse guy for as long as I can remember—never wavering. However, what if you want to ditch your mouse entirely? That’s the question put forth by Lifehacker reader James for this week’s Tech 911. He writes:

I sign my name as best I can using my Logitech mouse. I am in my late 80s and find shaping letters very difficult. I am anxious to try a Pentype Mouse to provide me with better control when signing or making sketches.

My system is Windows 10, 64 bit. Can you recommend any mouse or give me a reference to any reviews of such mice?

Pen mouse or drawing pad?

I confess, I haven’t seen a review of a bonafide pen mouse in years. They always struck me as one of those cheap, $30 gadgets you’d probably find on some deep shelf at Best Buy, perhaps with an “as seen on TV” sticker on it. They’re not a very conventional way to use one’s system, look bulky as can be, and you have to deal with wireless charging all the time. Eeech.

I’m talking about a very specific type of product, though, like this one:

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