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Kim Kardashian Talked About How People Used To Think She Was Kendall Jenners Mom – BuzzFeed

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“I kind of secretly loved it.”

During the chat, Kim revealed that people used to think that she was Kendall’s mother when they were younger.

“When she was first born, when she was under a year old, I used to have to be her babysitter all the time,” Kim said.

“I was like 16. And my mom and her dad would have to work and I would have to go and I would have to carry her in the stroller.”

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“Everyone thought she was my kid, I was so grown, and I kind of secretly loved it.”

“And now they think we’re twins,” Kim joked before adding, “Just kidding.”

I mean, they are related…but, yeah, “twins” might be a bit of a stretch. Still, funny story!

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