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Piers Morgan claims he was under attack from Meghan Markle during interview with Tucker Carlson – Yahoo Entertainment

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Piers Morgan appeared on Tucker Carlson Today Monday for his first interview since being embroiled in scandal following Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the Duchess of Sussex alleged racism in the royal family and revealed past suicidal thoughts, among other claims.

Morgan was incredulous following the interview and relentlessly attacked Markle, who filed a complaint with British regulators and reached out to the head of ITV, the network Morgan worked for at the time. But it wasn’t just Markle who had an issue with what Morgan was saying about her. British regulators received so many complaints about Morgan that he garnered the most complaints in UK television history. Morgan’s colleagues on Good Morning Britain also took issue with his attacks on Markle. As one colleague confronted him about it on air, Morgan got up and stormed off the set. He later lost his job on the show.

“I don’t believe Meghan Markle. Now what I didn’t know, and what was a fascinating thing to discover after I left, was that Meghan Markle, between the Monday and Tuesday, had made a personal complaint to the boss of ITV,” Morgan said, later adding, “So I was under attack from Miss Markle, both directly to my boss and to the government regulatory body, under attack to basically conform to her version of events. I had to believe her, and if I didn’t, I was a callous racist and I should be condemned and ultimately, as it turned out later that day, lose my job. And I think that’s a pretty perilous slope.”

Morgan remains adamant that Markle made up many of the claims she made in the interview. He brought up the fact that at one point, Winfrey referred to what Markle was saying as “your truth.” Morgan believes that in itself is enough to cast doubt on the legitimacy of what Markle was saying, even going so far as to compare her to former President Donald Trump.

“What does that mean? When did we get to your truth? This is the kind of defense — the kind of thing we would hear liberals attack Donald Trump for, for reinventing facts, for creating his own truth,” Morgan said. “But when Meghan Markle does it, the same liberals that attacked Donald Trump cheer and applaud her, saying, ‘This is her truth, and it must be believed. And if you don’t believe it, you’re a racist.’ Well I’m sorry, I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe her.”

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