Bedside Lamps Idea for Bedroom or Living Room



 Dimmable USB Bedside Lamp – Touch Lamp with 2 Phone Stands,

Include 2 Warm Edison Bulbs

Grey Table Lamp Built in 2 USB Ports & 2 AC Outlet

Bedside Lamps Idea for Bedroom or Living Room(Set of 2)

Decorated with grey lampshade, these dimmable lamps are designed to be eye-catching in any setting. The touch control function allows you to turn on/off the light or adjust the light brightness (Low, Medium, High, Off).

The warm white Edison bulb we include is pleasant on the eyes with flicker-free lighting. High quality light bead extend the lifetime and provides a more uniform and delicate lighting for your bedroom, living room or office.

The plug, switches, cord and socket are all certified in the US and we use the 3-prong plug in order to ensure the safety of users and avoid safety accidents. This usb lamp can make a thoughtful gift for a trendy friend or loved one who needs a little extra light in home.

We’re committed to providing the consumer with great shopping experience, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process and intimate service. Any questions please feel free to contact us.


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