6″ Top Diameter x 10″ – Lampshade Covering



Lampshade 6″ Top Diameter x 10″ Bottom Diameter x 8″ Slant Height with Washer (Spider) Attachment for Lamps with a Harp (White)

Is something feeling stale in your home? Try changing up your lampshades! Believe us or not, sometimes refreshing a room’s look is as simple as flipping the switch on a fresh shade. This is a Washer Lampshade for Use on Desk Lamps or Table Lamps with a Harp.

The inside is typically white styrene (white plastic), unless the covering you choose specifies a different interior lining such as Paper Black Outer with Gold Foil lining. In most cases, the top and bottom are adorned with a 1/2″ band of single fold lampshade trim. Paper shades typically arrive with a coordinating tape trim.

This lamp shade has a top diameter of 6 inches, a bottom diameter of 10 inches, and a slant height of 8 inches
This attachment is called a washer attachment and is nickel in color. It is also known as a spider attachment. If your lamp has a harp, then you will generally need a washer attachment.

The hole size (inner-dimension) of a washer attachment measures slightly under 1/2 inch. The drop on this particular attachment is 1/2 inch. That means, it recesses about 1/2 inch below the top of the lamp shade.
Fabric exterior, translucent white styrene interior

Lampshade Covering: White
Made in USA


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