Luxury Natural Reed Diffuser. Relaxing Sandalwood & Jasmine.



Luxury Natural Reed Diffuser. Relaxing Sandalwood & Jasmine. Long Lasting Scented Home Fragrance. Natural Essential Oil Alcohol-Free. 4.75 OZ – Black Bottle

Product Description


SANDALWOOD & JASMINE. It is intricately linked to the search for inner balance. It also has an aphrodisiac power, in ancient times women perfumed their body with the heart of the branches of this tree to intoxicate their lovers. These essences together create the perfect combination for those couple moments. It also has relaxing properties, raising self-esteem, and counteracting depression, away from nervousness.

LONG LASTING UP TO 90 DAYS. Unlike many other fragrances with high alcohol content that evaporates faster, TOUCHE diffusers are made with high quality perfume-grade oil from all over the world. The formula slowly disperses the scent into the air that last up to 90 days. Made with 100% pure essential oil this diffuser is safe and toxic-free! Our fragrances are free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene.

COMPLETE SET. Includes 10 natural rattan sticks perfectly sealed, an elegant crystal-clear bottle (or black edition) with the chosen essential oil fragrance, a deco silver cap (or gold cap for black edition) and instructions. Rattan sticks are the best to soak up the fragrance oil and slowly disperse the scent into the air.

LUXURIOUS GIFT. Nothing is more perfect than this box. Beautifully presented in a gorgeous and hard carton with a unique modern design. There are no instructions on the box, only a bar-code on the box that is easily removable. Elegantly packaged, making it perfect for a nice, beautiful, and luxurious gift.

BUY RISK-FREE. BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. If you will ever have any issues with your item, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to refund or replace your order as soon as possible.


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