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Republic Teaser: Everyone Is Corrupt! – Gulte

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April 05, 2021

The auteur of Prasthanam and Vennela, director Deva Katta, has come up with a political drama called Republic. The film’s teaser is out. The teaser stays honest to the subject and sticks to its genre. 

It starts with George Orwell’s quote on politics and how they are intertwined with people’s lives. Then the teaser begins with Sai Tej’s voice over on democracy and its falling institutions. The protagonist says that we are living in a feudal system. He also says that the judiciary and people have turned into slaves for rulers. These are certainly hard-hitting dialogues from Deva Katta.

Looks like Sai Tej is a bureaucrat in the film. Ramya Krishna is seen as a political leader fighting elections. The teaser is a bit preachy but it caters to the set of audience who are keen on politics. Mani Sharma’s background score as usual delivers. On the whole, the teaser ends with a line. “Vyavastha Punadhule Corrupt Ayinappudu, Andaru Corrupt Ye Sir”

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