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Swalwell: GOP Reps Pro-Wrestling Culture Is Sickening

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Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that it was “sickening” the way his Republican colleagues in Congress will hit him “on the head in the ring with a steel chair,” and then ask “how’s it going.”

Swalwell attributed the behavior to their “pro-wrestling culture.”

Swalwell said, “I was raised by two Republicans who believe that we should have small government, lower taxes. That was the mantra that still inspires my parents and my brothers or my wife’s parents and everyone in our family. Today it is not a Republican Party of principles. It is a party of cultural grievances. It is a party that instead of looks at what we can do to better use the taxpayers’ dollar in a way to take on the pandemic they want to exploit grievances of the American people.”

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He added, “Another phenomenon I have seen since being in Congress is that it’s a Pro-wrestling culture. They don’t look at constituents. They look at them as fans. They think that they can just hit me on the head in the ring with a steel chair, and then we backslap off-camera. That is how it is. They’ll come up to me and slap your back, ‘Hey buddy, how’s it going.’ I can’t even look them in the eye. It’s sickening. They think it’s just for show, and that’s what’s so disturbing about Congress right now.”

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