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The Out-of-Touch Adults Guide To Kid Culture: Sea Shanties, Ahoy!

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Internet CultureInternet CultureIt’s hard to keep up with internet culture, but don’t worry: Each week we’ll tell you the best of what you need to know.

This week’s potpourri of nonsense-you-might-not-know-about takes us from whaling ships in the 1800s to 2021’s hottest hype houses, with a pitstop in Lental to snap some Pokémon.

TikTok trend of the week: Sea shanties

Future sociologists and cultural historians will write dissertations debating why, exactly, songs originally sung by seafaring laborers in the 1800s are the hottest trend on TikTok this particular week. But here we are: Sea shanties are the bangers of the moment.

The hype machine for seafaring ditties seems to have begun with a video of Scottish postman Nathan Evans singing “The Wellerman,” and blew up from there. Others started recording their own songs, adding their voices to Evans’ video, creating parodies, trying to figure it out, and otherwise honoring/chopping-and-screwing this all-but-forgotten musical form. But it really took off with this hilarious video from Beertheist that demonstrates in 44 seconds how sea shanties are at first ridiculous, then delightful, and ultimately irresistible.

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