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The Out-of-Touch Adults Guide To Kid Culture: Warning Signs

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Internet CultureInternet CultureIt’s hard to keep up with internet culture, but don’t worry: Each week we’ll tell you the best of what you need to know.

This week, the internet is all about the possibility of great harm. Maybe it’s a hangover from the “just do whatever, who even cares anymore?” vibe of the past four years, but for whatever reason, all I see are blinking red danger signs, from financial Goliaths being owned by internet Davids, to bad game night guests, to the myriad kinds of trouble you can get into by repeating what you see on TikTok.

This week in internet warnings

There’s never a shortage of “Don’t do the thing you saw on the internet” stories, but this week, the scolding is reaching a fever pitch, so I’ve prepared a list of online things that could hurt you, your children, and Western civilization.

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