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Why Biden health officials decided to pause J&J’s coronavirus vaccine – The Washington Post

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Initially, some suggested the government could just issue a warning to consumers and doctors. They didn’t want to undermine confidence in vaccines given the danger of covid-19. But as they talked, two big worries emerged. They feared there might be additional cases of brain blood clots they didn’t know about. And what if the government didn’t act quickly, and as a result more people got the wrong diagnosis and treatment and were hurt or died?

Their unanimous agreement to recommend a pause in using the J&J single-shot vaccine early Tuesday morning set off a fierce debate. Critics suggested they were overreacting, predicting the result would be fewer people getting vaccinated and more dying of covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Others praised the federal officials for acting quickly on their concerns — especially since the conventional treatment with anticoagulant drugs can have serious harm. The argument suggested there are no easy answers in a pandemic that has posed one excruciating challenge after another.

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