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Why Did My Wifi Disappear After a Windows Update?

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Tech 911Tech 911This was Lifehacker’s technology Q&A column, answered by former Senior Technology Editor David Murphy. It ran from March 2018 to May 2021.

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I can’t resist a good wireless mystery, and this week’s question-writer for Lifehacker’s Tech 911 has a good one—an issue that you don’t even think about until it happens, and then it consumes your mind as you try every trick in the book to get your wifi back.

I’ll let Lifehacker reader Joe explain:

“I lost my wifi after the latest update and after reinstalling W10, and doing the updates that were waiting, I lost the wifi again when I turned my laptop off and restarting. So I did it again, no updates, and set it to never turn off. So far so good. But obviously I can’t leave it this way. Any suggestions?”

Drivers, drivers, and more drivers

My first guess, Joe, is that there’s some kind of driver issue that’s causing chaos with your laptop’s wifi card. It’s somewhat telling you can get a working wireless connection when you have a barebones installation of Windows 10, but you lose your ability to connect whenever you install any new updates. Obviously, either something in the update (or something downloaded and installed alongside it) is causing your chaos.

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