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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Mar. 5, 2021): Downward trend – Cageside Seats

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WWE has a noticeable trend when on the road to WrestleMania.

This is typically the time where the lapsed fan would return to see what’s in store for the biggest show. Normally I would say that SmackDown would be THE show I’d recommend watching to get into it. While it’s generally good, I’m starting to see the trend return.

When they have a specific goal in mind, logic and common sense tend to get tossed out in favor of getting to the result they want. For example, and I touch on this momentarily, Roman Reigns should know that Jey Uso isn’t going to win a match. So why would he agree to let Jey wrestle someone where he has to win in order to let Roman get time off at Fastlane?

Then we also have Reginald all over the SmackDown women’s division. Why? Sasha and Bianca can handle this without all of the shenanigans and interference. This is an exciting storyline, and it’s getting boggled down by unnecessary, and frankly, plain dumb sub stories.

By doing these things it’s messing with the flow of what has been a phenomenal program nine times out of ten since the summer of last year. Please stop this. It’s causing a downward trend in my excitement for Friday nights.

Let’s get to the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!


Daniel Bryan is a top tier promo.

Bryan talked about how he put himself on the back burner to help out other talent who he saw as the future. He also said that WWE did a personality test once and he was extremely low on the ambitious line and they didn’t understand how he would be successful. Him laying down on the mat staring at Edge pointing at the WrestleMania sign made him decide enough is enough.

The Tribal Chief crew came out and said that Bryan doesn’t love this business of wrestling. Reigns is needed by all and Bryan needs Reigns. Jey Uso grabbed the mic and said that this is as close as he’s getting to the Universal Championship.

Later, Jey sat next to Reigns and said that he got it and Reigns said he knows, but also Jey should know that he’s going to disappoint the family if he loses. As Jey walked away confident, you could just see that Reigns didn’t have any of it. As I mentioned above, this doesn’t really make sense to me. Reigns should never let this happen because he knows what the result will be.

Reigns came down to see the cage match with a ringside seat. Uso slammed Bryan’s head into the mat and demanded he acknowledge the Tribal Chief. Uso walked to the cage door and Bryan got him back. There was a really awesome Samoan drop from the top rope and when they came back from break, Uso superkicked Bryan off the ropes and did the splash to pin Bryan.

Bryan grabbed Uso and gave him a bunch of elbows but Uso got on top and attacked Bryan. Both men were up on top of the cage and Bryan headbutt Uso down. Uso grabbed Bryan before he could clear the top and they fought on the top rope. Bryan did a suplex from the top rope into the Yes Lock. Uso tried to break it up by grabbing the rope but that doesn’t work in this match, and Uso tapped out.

This was another one of those you know what’s going to happen in the end scenarios. The ride along was pretty good, but this should be the last time Jey is in Roman’s good graces. It’s time for Jey to be reprimanded for losing time and time again. Otherwise, I worry that it will make Roman not look good.

WWE has been doing really well with the Tribal Chief storyline since it started, but it’s starting to get a little redundant when it comes to Jey. He doesn’t win. Reigns shouldn’t have him in these types of matches anymore.

So… Apollo Crews

Alright, let’s get right to the elephant in the room.

Last week, I said “Even switching to an accent when he said what his grandfather would have said to Big E. While sounding like his grandfather! This would be the proper way to do it, unlike that stuff with Kofi Kingston. ‘Didn’t you used to be Jamaican’ was so corny.”

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I am not Nigerian. I am a white American so I am approaching this truly from how I feel. Crews having an accent now feels off for me personally. I know that there is a long history of the typical foreign heel trope and that has been offensive in the past.

How do you feel about this, Cagesiders?

The Rest

Michael Cole informed us that Cesaro defeated Murphy

And he did it before the finish actually happened which was quite hilarious. Basically Cesaro dominated the whole match and Seth Rollins was on commentary talking it up because that’s what Seth Rollins does. Before this match, Murphy was shown going up to Rollins backstage and told him he wanted to help him with his Cesaro problem. This makes literally no sense.

Murphy and Rollins broke up after feuding due to Murphy seemingly dating Aalyah Mysterio months ago. So Aalyah and Murphy disappeared from television for a while and then they brought Murphy back first to stand at ringside when Rollins came back. They had no interaction. Now on this show, and right after a Mysterios match, Murphy wants to be back with Rollins and there’s no explanation? I don’t get it. And I don’t really like it because I didn’t want Murphy with Rollins anymore back then.

Bianca Belair defeated Shayna Baszler

Belair lifted Baszler up as she was trying to do some prime arm hurting, but Baszler kept punishing her and targeted her left arm. Baszler kept at it but Belair actually lifted her and slammed her on the mat while her arm was twisted! Belair lifted Baszler as she was about to do the Kirifuda Clutch holy shit. And she executed the Kiss of Death for the win! Reginald got Sasha knocked down by Nia on the outside. That served as a distraction, but it didn’t lead to a loss which is very pleasant to see. But again, why are we still doing this? Get Reginald out of this already!

King Corbin defeated Montez Ford / Angelo Dawkins defeated Sami Zayn

I don’t have proof of a conspiracy but… eh I don’t know. Ford hit some drop kicks and Corbin broke out an early Spinebuster. Corbin got some offense and Ford put a sleeper on, but Corbin got out of it. Zayn distracted Ford and Corbin took advantage with an End of Days to win. So Zayn told him since he helped, Corbin should return the favor. And then Dawkins knocked Zayn into Corbin and even though you could tell that Corbin could see that, he… didn’t and left.

Zayn tried pinning Dawkins three times in a row but it didn’t work, and then Dawkins tried a suplex and went for a neckbreaker instead for a near fall. Zayn tossed Dawkins into the corner and then Ford distracted Zayn by throwing water on the documentary crew and lost via roll up.

These two matches were quick and fun. I’ve really been enjoying Corbin as of late and I like using Sami as a way to get under his skin. Sami is so great in this role. I wouldn’t mind them as a tag team long term. As for the Street Profits, this was a 50/50 situation after their big win last week. I don’t really get that. But as we’ve talked about in the past, WWE loves their 50/50 booking.

Dominik Mysterio defeated Chad Gable

Gable dominated the first minute with some really great mat based wrestling. Dom fought back and flipped around. He went for a tornado DDT and Gable blocked it and did this awesome suplex for a two count. Dom rolled into a lucky victory and Rey charged into the ring and knocked Otis over the announce table. Quick win and a nice little sprint for both of these guys.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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